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These are women who have completed the High Priestess Ascension Academy and is open to see clients. 

They each have their own unique energy and areas of expertise. 


Check out their profiles and feel free to contact them directly to schedule a session. 


Sara Shirley

Intuitive Healer and Reiki Master

Hello beloved! I specialize in helping women step into their self-love, self-worth and self-empowerment so they can serve powerfully as vibrant light workers and abundant healers. We focus on inner child work, shadow work, and an abundance of powerful practices to raise each individual's vibration. Take a look at my Instagram account @earthhealersara1111 to see if you think I'm the one who could have the honour of guiding you along your healing journey.

Contact: @earthhealersara1111 on Instagram

sunhay 2.jpg

Sunny You

Spiritual Life Coach and Healer

Hello, beautiful soul! I specialize in channeling guidance and healing from the divine, working with energy and sound, releasing inner child and mother wounds to support you on your awakening journey. I am a relationship & sacred sensuality coach with a yoga teacher certification. Check out my website and feel free to reach out on facebook @bodymindcoherence

Contact: Website 


Pelagia Sun

Intuitive Soul Healer/Divine Channel/Certified Tao Hands Healer

There is a field. I'll meet you there. I will create a safe, nurturing, loving space for you to be your true self and together we will identify what needs to be healed and transformed. Our higher selves and the divine will guide us and you will be given the knowledge, information and tools needed to live a life that is aligned with your soul purpose.  I channel messages from your higher self and guides to help you gain clarity in your soul light journey. 

Contact: Email

IG: @pelagia.sun

FB: Pelagia Sun 


Jacklin Light

Shadow Work Healer & Channeler

My mission is to assist you in releasing your subconscious wounds & darkness in your energy field to embody your true authentic self. Together we will shine light to the dark, bring love and acceptance to the deep parts of yourself that you’ve denied and don’t want to see in others. I’ll use my clairaudient ability to directly communicate with your Higher-self, Spirit Guides and access your Akashic Records to heal your inner child, past lives and ancestral wounds thus breaking your repeating karmic cycles, releasing emotional pains and abandonment, clearing anxiety and negativity to bringing more self-love and empowerment in yourself.


Instagram @jacklinlight



Vidhya Vijayakumar

Intuitive Energy and Reiki Healer 

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I am an Intuitive Energy and Reiki Healer. I use my empathic ability to facilitate others to heal emotional wounds, do inner-child work and energy work. I specialize in removing energetic blocks - hindering  growth & making you live in loops. I offer Womb and Fertility healing, healing to implement self-love and build harmonious relationships with life-partner and removing etheric energy cords with Ex. I offer energy upgrades to build a conscious lifestyle aligned to their Soul Life Purpose and upgrade in the Human Ascension Journey. 


Instagram: @healingheartllc



Ashley Tilson .png

Ashley Tilson

Intuitive Transformational Trauma-Release Healer

I use my intuitive abilities to facilitate rapid life-changing sessions using angelic healing, Reiki, Inner child work, Ego Alchemy, and along with intuitive messages from your spirit guides. Using my personal experiences in overcoming childhood trauma and sexual abuse, I offer a safe space for others to heal from their past trauma, unhealthy relationships, addictions, and emotional wounds, and begin living a purpose-aligned life with clarity, confidence, and pure authenticity. All my Healing, Reading, and Coaching appointments can be done online, and I offer Trauma Recovery Packages to serve you better! 





Jalesa .png

Jalesa Tucker

Potions Priestess and Priestess of Light

I work intimately with earth energies, elements and spirit to heal the chakras, bring the body back into balance and process old emotional pain. Journey with me into yourself as we revitalize the aura and connect with both earth and celestial energies to co-create deep soul healing and inner radiance so that you embody your true self. Connect with me on Facebook or Instagram @PriestessPotions, I’d love to support you on your journey. 


Jinane 4.jpg

Jinan Bouteen

Energy and Spiritual Healer

Hello soul family. I am Jinan and I will be honored to serve you and assist you in your healing and ascension journey. I focus on facilitating empowerment, healing and transformation through energy healing, Akashic records reading, removing blockages, connecting you with your guides, shadow work, and channeling. I work with universal, cosmic and crystal energies, as well as the energies of Goddesses, Mother Earth, the four elements, the dragons, and the angelic realm, to provide you with a deep level of healing and divine guidance and messages. Follow my social media pages for healing tips and spiritual inspiration. 


Instagram and Facebook:


Irene Aura

Spiritual Awakening Coach + Priestess Healer

Growing up, I had experienced a tremendous amount of trauma from both friends and family that left me absolutely broken. After 24 years of never-ending misery, my Spiritual Awakening forced me to look within and face every part of myself that I had despised, so I could turn it into light.


After mastering the inner work - the Soul Alchemy work - I have continued to experience Happiness and Joy like I've never before.  Life is simply breathtaking + pure magic these days.



Now I'm on a mission to help Spiritually Awakening women like you release the pain and subconscious beliefs that hold them back so they can Elevate their Frequency and Live a Ridiculously Amazing life full of Joy and Purpose! 



For any inquiries, please email me at! ♡ Thank you Divine Soul!





Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 12.48.57

Colleen Mallett

Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer & Self-Actualizing Coach



I believe the opportunity for profound, life-changing transformation lives within you. 


Tap into your body’s wisdom to discover clarity, freedom and empowerment to live your best life. 


I offer one-on-one hypnotherapy (RTT Certified) and energy healing as well as on-line workshops (such as womb healing) to facilitate your unique personal transformations. 


Book a Free Consultation on my website to see how we can work together to make your dreams come true.



Email Address:


Instagram: @transformwithcolleen


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