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Unleash your inherent Spiritual Gifts

High Priestess

Ascension Academy

Launch your Heart Centered Conscious Career as a Healer


The High Priestess Energy is available within each of us. In the High Priestess Ascension Academy, you are empowered to access your spiritual gifts, build a conscious career path to be in service to others while creating abundance, fulfillment and a healthy lifestyle. 

We believe in supporting and co-creating with each other. This is a program for spiritual women who wants to become a masterful healer, work with the GODDESS energy and grow alongside with their own clients and students. 


How WE Can Help You

We offer a wide arrange of heart centered services like spiritual readings and healing sessions.


Each Priestess has their own vibe and area of expertise. 

If you are looking for a healer or guide to support you in your journey, 

Please do not hesitate visit our Graduates page to see which Priestess calls to you. 

We offer in person and online session, and we are happy to be in service to you :) 



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